Chesterfield – Virginia Expungements Lawyers

As per the Code of Virginia,

  • 19.2-392.2 – Expungement of police and court records
  1. If an individual is accused with the commission of a crime or any offense defined in Title 18.2, and
  2. Is acquitted, or
  3. A nolle prosequi is either taken or the accusation is otherwise dismissed, including dismissal by accord and satisfaction pursuant to § 19.2-151, the individual may file an appeal setting forth the relevant details and asking for expungement of the court records and police records relevant to the charge.
  1. If any individual’s name or any other identification is used without taking their authorization or consent by another individual who has been arrested or charged for using such identification or name, that individual may file an appeal in the court to dispose the charges or accusations for relief pursuant as per this section. That individual will not need to pay any sort of fee for filing the petition. Any petition submitted as per this subsection have to contain a complete set of the petitioner’s fingerprints acquired from a law-enforcement organization.

What Is Meant By the Term “Expungement”

Many people are not informed that their convictions and sentences can be expunged in Chesterfield– Virginia. The word expungement is a legitimate and legal procedure that removes a criminal conviction from your record.

This helps an offender to lawfully notify their employers who will be investigating into their background, that they are not guilty of a crime.

Expungement of Your Record in the City Of Chesterfield – Virginia

Expunging an offender’s criminal history will usually involve them gathering all of the original case documents. The next step will be to then file an application with the relevant court in Chesterfield – Virginia. You will require duplicates of the appeal for additional offices:

  1. The lawyer for the Commonwealth of the same city or county
  2. The law enforcement organization where you need to provide your fingerprints as well and to start the case

The lawyer has the choice to protest and oppose to your petition.

Once the court receives all of the required information, a hearing will be held to decide if holding the records will be unfair and unjust towards you. If the court believes it does, then your request will be granted.

Nevertheless, not every state of America will allow expungement. Neither can every offense be acceptable of being expunged. This process can get complex and difficult, conditional on the offender’s prior convictions and history with the law enforcement authorities.

Get Assistance from your Chesterfield – Virginia Lawyer for the Expungement of Your Record

Expunging an offender’s criminal record can have some long-term effects in their life. You must seek the guidance and assistance of an expert Chesterfield – Virginian expungement lawyer. Your lawyer will see and make sure that the entire expungement procedure is done properly and completely. Any blunder or error in the course of the process can get tremendously costly for the offender and for their future.

If you need assistance in getting the expungement of your criminal record, consult your qualified Chesterfield – Virginian expungement lawyer immediately to help you to avoid any difficulties you might face during the process.